Area and its Boundary /Class 5 Maths/MCQ

Chapter 11 of CBSE/NCERT Class 5 Mathematics is about Area and its boundary. Here in this lesson you can find out practice multiple choice questions for this chapter.

Area and its Boundary – Chapter 11/ MCQ
Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

  1. The fencing of a square garden is 32m in length. How long is one side of the garden?
    A. 16m
    B. 8 m
    C. 4 m
  2. The perimeter of a thick paper sheet of length 14 cm and width 9 cm is —–
    A. 23 cm
    B. 46 cm
    C. 126 cm
  3. The area of a rectangle whose length and breadth are respectively 12 cm and 4 cm is ———–
    A. 48 cm
    B. 48 square cm
    C. 48 cubic cm
  4. A square carrom board has a perimeter of 360 cm. How much is its area?
    A. 90 square cm
    B. 180 square cm
    C. 8100 square cm
  5. The perimeter of a rectangular plot of length 10 m and breadth 8 m is ——-
    A. 18 m
    B. 36 m
    C. 80 m
  6. The area of a square is 100 square cm. The length of each side is ———
    A. 10 cm
    B. 25 cm
    C. 50 cm
  7. Which of the following has least perimeter?
    A. A rectangle of length 10 cm and breadth 5 cm
    B. A square of side 10 cm
    C. A rectangle of length 10 cm and breadth 2 cm
  8. Area of a square = ——–
    A. 4 x side
    B. Side x Side
    C. length x bteadth
  9. Which of the following is measured in square metre?
    A. Handkerchief
    B. Sari
    C. Total land of a city
  10. The length of the boundary is known as ——–
    A. Area
    B. Perimeter
    C. Volume


  1. 8m
  2. 46 cm
  3. 48 square cm
  4. 8100 square cm
  5. 36m
  6. 10 cm
  7. A rectangle of length 10 cm and breadth 2 cm
  8. Side x Side
  9. Sari
  10. Perimeter

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