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The Junk Seller – Class 4.

CBSE CLASS 4 MATHEMATICSThe Junk Seller – Chapter 6 /Model Questions.Answer the following: If a person who runs a tea stall earns Rs 30 in a day, how much will he earna) in 10...


Long and Short – Class 4/MCQ

CBSE CLASS 4 MATHEMATICS Long and Short – Chapter 2/ MCQ Choose the correct answers from the options given below: 1. Total length of the boundary of a closed figure is called ———— A....


Building With Bricks – Class 4

CBSE CLASS 4 MATHEMATICSBuilding With Bricks – Chapter 1/MCQ How many faces does a brick have?A. 4B.5C.6 Write the number one lakh?A. 10000B. 100000C. 1000000 Write the numeral 3 lakh, 5 thousands and 2...