Class 5 Maths Smart Charts Important Questions For CBSE Examination

SMART CHARTS – Lesson 12
1. From the tally marks given below, answer the following questions:

i) Write the total number of each vehicle in the table?
ii) Auto rickshaws are thrice the number of trucks – true/false?
iii) Write the number of cycles and auto rickshaw?
2. Anu bought 5 potatoes, 6 tomatoes, 2 cucumber, 7 coconuts and 4 onions. Represent the data by using tally marks.

3. Draw pictographs for the following data using a suitable symbol:

4. From the bar graph given below, answer the following:

i) Which city is the hottest?
ii) Which city is the coldest?
iii) Which two cities shows little change in temperature?

5. The following pie chart shows the favorite hobbies of the students of class V.

i) Which is the most favorite hobby?
ii) Which two hobbies have equal popularity?
iii) What part of the students like reading as a hobby?


1. i) Total number of vehicles = 28 + 12+ 18+ 15+ 24+ 6 = 103.
ii) True
iii) Number of cycles = 28
Number of auto rickshaw = 182.


4. i) Jaisalmer
ii) Shimla
iii) Shimla & Bangalore

5. i) Playing football
ii) Watching TV & Watching Movies
iii) ¼

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