Understanding Elementary Shapes – CBSE Class 6 Mathematics
Extra Questions for Practice/MCQ/Multiple Choice Questions

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

  1. The measure of a complete angle is ————— degree.
    A. 90
    B. 180
    C. 270
    D. 360
  2. Measure of half of a revolution is ————- degree
    A. 45
    B. 90
    C. 270
    D. 360
  3. What is the angle name for half a revolution?
    A. Acute angle
    B. Right angle
    C. Straight angle
    D. Complete angle
  4. What is the angle name for one-fourth revolution?
    A. Reflex angle
    B. Straight angle
    C. Right angle
    D. Obtuse angle
  5. What fraction of a clockwise revolution does the hour hand of a clock turn through, when it goes from 12 to 3?
    A. ¼
    B. ½
    C. ¾
    D. 1
  6. Where will the hand of a clock stop if it starts at 12 and makes ¾ of a revolution, clockwise?
    A. 3
    B. 6
    C. 9
    D. 12
  7. Which direction will you face if you start facing north and make ½ of a revolution clockwise?
    A. South
    B. West
    C. North
    D. East
  8. Find the number of right angles turned through by the hour hand of a clock when it goes from 3 to 9?
    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4
  9. The measure of a straight angle is ———– degree.
    A. 90
    B. 180
    C. 270
    D. Less than 180
  10. Which of the following angles is the measure of a reflex angle?
    A. 85 degree
    B. 125 degree
    C. 180 degree
    D. 260 degree
  11. A triangle having all three unequal sides is called a ———-
    A. Scalene triangle
    B. Isosceles triangle
    C. Equilateral triangle
    D. Acute angled triangle
  12. Name the type of triangle ABC with AB = BC = AC = 7 cm
    A. Scalene triangle
    B. Isosceles triangle
    C. Equilateral triangle
    D. Obtuse angled triangle
  13. If each angle is less than 90 degree, then the triangle is called an ———- triangle.
    A. Acute angled triangle
    B. Obtuse angled triangle
    C. Right angled triangle
    D. Reflex angled triangle
  14. Six sided polygon is known as ————–
    A. Pentagon
    B. Hexagon
    C. Heptagon
    D. Octagon
  15. What shape is a match box?
    A. Cylinder
    B. Cone
    C. Cuboid
    D. Sphere
  16. We use a ————- to measure the size of an angle in degrees.
    A. Ruler
    B. Set square
    C. Protractor
    D. Compass
  17. Two intersecting lines are ——— if the angle between them is 90 degree.
    A. Parallel
    B. Perpendicular
    C. Curved
    D. Vertical
  18. If all the three sides are of equal length, the triangle is called ————–
    A. Isosceles triangle
    B. Scalene triangle
    C. Equilateral triangle
    D. Right angled triangle
  19. Least sided polygon is ————
    A. Triangle
    B. Square
    C. Rectangle
    D. Pentagon
  20. Parallelogram with 4 sides of equal length is known as ——-
    A. Rectangle
    B. Trapezium
    C. Parallelogram
    D. Rhombus


  1. 360
  2. 90 degree
  3. Straight angle
  4. Right angle
  5. ¼
  6. 9
  7. South
  8. 2
  9. 180
  10. 260 degree
  11. Scalene triangle
  12. Equilateral triangle
  13. Acute angled triangle
  14. Hexagon
  15. Cuboid
  16. Protractor
  17. Perpendicular
  18. Equilateral triangle
  19. Triangle
  20. Rhombus

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