Data Handling – Class 8 Maths /MCQ

MCQ / Data Handling – Chapter 5
Multiple Choice Questions
Choose the correct answer from the brackets:

1. Pictorial representation of data using symbols are called ————–
A. Bar graph
B. Pictograph
C. Histogram
2. A display of information using bars of uniform width is called—————
A. Bar graph
B. Pictograph
C. Histogram
3. ———- gives the number of times that a particular entry occurs.
A. Frequency
B. Range
C. Mode
4. In the class interval 10-20, 10 is called the —————-
A. Lower class limit
B. Upper class limit
C. Class interval
5. The difference between the upper class limit and the lower class limit is called the ————- of the class interval.
A. Difference
B. Width
C. Gap
6. A ———- shows the relationship between a whole and its parts.
A. Bar graph
B. Circle graph
C. Histogram
7. Each outcome of an experiment or a collection of outcomes make an ——–
A. Event
B. Probability
C. Data
8. Data mostly available to us in an unorganised form is called —————
A. Data
B. Raw data
C. Event
9. A ————— is one whose outcome cannot be predicted exactly in advance.
A. Random experiment
B. Probability
C. Trial
10. Outcomes of an experiment are ———- if each has the same chance of occurring.
A. Equally likely
B. Mutually exclusive events
C. Compound events
11. When a die is thrown, the probability of getting a prime number is ———-
A. ¼
B. ½
C. 1/3
12. When a die is thrown the probability of getting a number not greater than 5 is —————
A. 1/6
B. 5/6
C. ½
13. If you have a spinning wheel with 3 green sectors, 1 blue sector and 1 red sector. What is the probability of getting a green sector?
A. 1/5
B. 2/5
C. 3/5
14. A circle graph is also called a ————
A. Pie chart
B. Line graph
C. Tree diagram
15. When a coin is tossed, the probability of getting head is —————-
A. ½
B. 1
C. 2


1. Pictograph
2. Bar graph
3. Frequency
4. Lower class limit
5. Width
6. Circle graph
7. Event
8. Raw data
9. Random Experiment
10. Equally likely
11. ½
12. 5/6
13. 3/5
14. Pie chart
15. ½.



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