SCERT Kerala Class 10 Mathematics/ Circles – Chapter 2

SCERT Kerala Class 10 Mathematics/ Circles – Chapter 2 is about some extra questions for practice. Here you can find out practice problems for Class 10 Mathematics based on Kerala State Board Syllabus.

SCERT Kerala Class 10 Mathematics/ Extra Questions for Practice
Circles – Chapter 2
Fill in the blanks:

  1. If we join the ends of a diameter of a circle to a point on the circle we get a ————-
  2. Angle in a semicircle is ————-
  3. A diameter of a circle divides it into ———— equal parts.
  4. The angle made by any arc of a circle on the alternate arc is ——— the angle made at the centre.
  5. All angles made by an arc on the alternate arc are ————
  6. A pair of angles on an arc and its alternate are ————-
  7. Pairs of angles of sum 180 are usually called —————
  8. If all four vertices of a quadrilateral are on a circle then its opposite angles are ——-
  9. A quadrilateral for which a circle can be drawn through four vertices is called a ———
  10. The sum of the products of the opposite sides of a cyclic quadrilateral is equal to the product of the —————


  1. Right angle
  2. Right angle
  3. Two
  4. Half
  5. Equal
  6. Supplementary
  7. Supplementary angles
  8. Supplementary
  9. Cyclic Quadrilateral
  10. Diagonals

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