Shapes and Angles – Class 5

Shapes and Angles – Chapter 2
Fill in the blanks:

  1. The instrument which is used to measure angles in degrees is called ———–
  2. A straight angle is —– than an acute angle.
  3. An angle which is greater than a straight angle is called ———-
  4. The meeting point of the two rays is called ———-of the angle.
  5. An angle which is greater than a right angle is called ———-
    Answer the following:
  6. Write what kind of angle is made by the hands at these times:
    a) 8:05 pm
    b) 1:55 pm
  7. Give two examples of right angles in our daily life?
  8. Find the number of right angles turned through by the hour hand of a clock when it goes from
    a) 3 to 6
    b) 12 to 9
  9. How many right angles do you make if you start facing
    a) South and turn clockwise to west?
    b) North and turn anti-clockwise to east?
  10. Write down the measures of
    a) Some acute angles
    b) Some obtuse angles


  1. Protractor
  2. Greater
  3. Reflex angle
  4. Vertex
  5. Obtuse angle
  6. a) Obtuse angle
    b) Acute angle
  7. Carom board, Note books.
  8. a) One right angle
    b) Three right angle
  9. a) One right angle
    b) Three right angle
  10. a) 30, 45, 60, 89
    b) 91, 98, 105, 145, 175

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