The Fish Tale/MCQ/ Class 5/Maths

The fish tale Chapter 1 of CBSE/NCERT Class 5 Maths is about some multiple choice questions from the chapter The fish tale. Here you can find out practice MCQ for this chapter.

The Fish Tale – Chapter 1 / MCQ
Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

  1. If a log boat travel about 5 km in one hour, how long will they take to go a distance of 15 km?
    A. 2 hours
    B. 3 hours
    C. 4 hours
  2. If a boat travel at the speed of about 20 km in one hour, how far would the boat go in two and a half hours?
    A. 50 km
    B. 60 km
    C. 70 km
  3. One hundred lakh makes ————-
    A. One thousand
    B. One lakh
    C. One crore
  4. Find the difference between the largest 5 digit number and smallest 3 digit number?
    A. 99999
    B. 98999
    C. 99899
  5. If the cost of 1 kg prawns is Rs 150, find the cost of 5 kg prawns?
    A. 500 rupees
    B. 650 rupees
    C. 750 rupees
  6. The cost of 1 kg squid is 50 rupees. Seema has Rs 150. How many kilograms of squid she can buy for 150 rupees?
    A. 2 kg
    B. 3 kg
    C. 5 kg
  7. Kiran saves 1250 rupees every month in a bank. How much money he will save within one year?
    A. 10000
    B. 12500
    C. 15000
  8. Niyas took a loan of 15000 from a bank to buy a laptop. He paid back 1400 rupees every month for one year. How much money did he pay back to the bank?
    A. 16000
    B. 16500
    C. 16800
  9. When fresh fish is dried it becomes 1/3 of its weight. To get 3 kg dried fish, how much fresh fish is needed?
    A. 3 kg
    B. 6 kg
    C. 9kg
  10. Manu took a loan of 25000 rupees from a bank to buy a log boat. He paid back a total of 23520 rupees in one year. How much did he pay back every month?
    A. 1960 rupees
    B. 1860 rupees
    C. 1760 rupees.


  1. 3 hours
  2. 50 km
  3. One crore
  4. 98999
  5. 750
  6. 3 kg
  7. 15000
  8. 16800
  9. 9 kg
  10. 1960

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