Basic Geometrical Ideas – Chapter 4/MCQ Extra Questions for Practice/Model Questions/MCQ

  1. A ———- extends indefinitely in both directions.
    A. Line
    B. Line segment
    C. Ray
  2. A line segment has ———- end points.
    A. 0
    B. 1
    C. 2
  3. Lines which do not meet are said to be ———-
    A. Perpendicular
    B. Parallel
    C. Intersecting
  4. A ——— starts at one point and goes endlessly in a direction.
    A. Line
    B. Line segment
    C. Ray
  5. If a curve does not cross itself, then it is called a —————-
    A. Open curve
    B. Closed curve
    C. Simple curve
  6. The interior of a curve together with its boundary is called its ———–
    A. Area
    B. Perimeter
    C. Region
  7. The meeting point of a pair of sides is called its ————
    A. Vertex
    B. Diagonal
    C. Side
  8. The line segments forming a polygon are called its ————
    A. Sides
    B. Vertices
    C. Diagonals
  9. The end points of the same side of a polygon are called the ———–
    A. Opposite vertices
    B. Adjacent vertices
    C. Non adjacent vertices
  10. The joins of non-adjacent vertices are called the ———— of the polygon.
    A. Sides
    B. Vertices
    C. Diagonals
  11. A four sided polygon is a ————
    A. Hexagon
    B. Pentagon
    C. Quadrilateral
  12. If radius of a circle is 4.5 cm, its diameter will be ————–
    A. 2.25 cm
    B. 8 cm
    C. 9 cm
  13. A diameter is ———- the size of a radius.
    A. Half
    B. Double
    C. Triple
  14. A region in the interior of a circle enclosed by an arc on one side and a pair of radii on the other two sides is called a ————–
    A. Segment
    B. Sector
    C. Chord
  15. Two distinct lines meeting at a point are called ——— lines.
    A. Parallel
    B. Perpendicular
    C. Intersecting
  16. A curve is said to be ———- if its ends are joined.
    A. Open
    B. Closed
    C. Simple
  17. The diameter of a circle divides it into ——— semi circles
    A. One
    B. Two
    C. Three
  18. A ———- is a chord passing through the Centre of the circle?
    A. Radius
    B. Diameter
    C. Arc
  19. The length of the boundary of a circle is known as ————–
    A. Area
    B. Circumference
    C. Volume
  20. A ———- is a simple closed curve made up of line segments.
    A. Polygon
    B. Segments
    C. Simple Curve


  1. Line
  2. 2
  3. Parallel
  4. Ray
  5. Simple curve
  6. Region
  7. Vertex
  8. Sides
  9. Adjacent vertices
  10. Diagonals
  11. Quadrilateral
  12. 9 cm
  13. Double
  14. Sector
  15. Intersecting
  16. Closed
  17. Two
  18. Diameter
  19. Circumference
  20. Polygon

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