Class 6 Maths Chapter 5 Understanding Elementary Shapes | MCQ

1. The angle for one revolution is a ———- angle.

A. Complete angle
B. Right angle
C. Reflex angle

2. An angle smaller than a right angle is called ————————-

A. Acute angle
B. Obtuse angle
C. Right angle

3. One complete revolution is divided into ———– equal parts.

A. 180
B. 360
C. 100

4. When two lines intersect and the angle between them is a right angle, then the lines are said to be ——————-

A. Parallel
B. Perpendicular
C. Intersecting

5. A triangle having all three unequal sides is called a —————-

A. Scalene triangle
B. Isosceles triangle
C. Equilateral triangle

6. If any one angle is greater than 90 degree, then the triangle is called an —————

A. Acute angled triangle
B. Right angled triangle
C. Obtuse angled triangle

7. A polygon with eight sides is known as ———–

A. Octagon
B. Hexagon
C. Decagon

8. The number of faces in a triangular pyramid is ——–

A. 4
B. 6
C. 8

9. A right angle ————— revolution.

A. ½
B. ¼
C. 1

10. What is the measure of a straight angle?

A. 90
B. 180
C. 360

11. Where will the hand of a clock stop if it starts at 12 and makes half of a revolution, clockwise?

A. 3
B. 6

12. Which direction will you face if you start facing east and make half of a revolution clockwise?

A. East
B. West
C. South

13. What part of a revolution have you turned through if you stand facing south and turn clockwise to face east?

A. ½
B. ¾
C. ¼

14. A rhombus with 4 right angles is known as ————-

A. Square
B. Rectangle
C. Trapezium

15. A ——– angle is larger than a straight angle.

A. Reflex
B. Obtuse
C. Acute


1. Complete angle
2. Acute angle
3. 360
4. Perpendicular
5. Scalene triangle
6. Obtuse angled triangle
7. Octagon
8. Four
9. ¼
10. 180
11. 6
12. West
13. ¾
14. Square
15. Reflex

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