Understanding Elementary Shapes Practice Problems | Free NCERT Class 6 Maths Solutions

Fill in the blanks:

1. We use a ——— to measure the size of an angle in degrees.

2. The measure of a right angle is —————

3. A ———– angle is larger than a straight angle.

4. A triangle having all three unequal sides is called a —————- triangle.

5. A polygon with 8 sides is known as —————

6. Name the quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides ————

7. Name the quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides ———–

8. A triangle with two sides of equal length is called ————-

9. The number of faces in a square pyramid is ————-

10. The shape of a sweet laddu is ————–

Answer the following:

11. Where will the hand of a clock stop if it

a) Starts at 3 and makes half of a revolution.
b) Starts at 6 and makes one fourth of a revolution

12. Which direction will you face if you start facing

a) east and make half of a revolution clock wise?
b) North and make one full revolution?

13. Find the number of right angles turned through by the hour hand of a clock when it goes from

a) 2 to 8
b) 12 to 9

14. How many right angles do you make if you start facing

a) South and turn to south?
b) South and turn clockwise to west?

15. What is the measure of

a) half of a right angle
b) a straight angle

16. Write down the measures of

a) some acute angles
b) some obtuse angles

17. Name the types of following triangles:

a) Triangle with lengths of sides 4 cm, 5 cm and 6 cm.
b) Triangle ABC such that AB = BC= AC = 6 cm

18. Say true or false:

a) Each angle of a rectangle is a right angle.
b) The opposite sides of a trapezium are parallel.

19. Write the number of faces and edges of a triangular prism.

20. What shape is

a) a football?
b) a dice ?


1. Protractor

2. 90 degree

3. Reflex

4. Scalene

5. Octagon

6. Parallelogram

7. Trapezium

8. Isosceles triangle

9. Five

10. Sphere

11. a) 9 ‘ O Clock; b) 9’O Clock

12. a) West; b) North

13. a) Two; b) Three

14. a) Four; b) One

15. a) 45 degree; b) 180 degree

16. a)30, 40, 60; b) 120, 110, 100

17. a) Scalene triangle; b) Equilateral triangle

18. a) True; b) False

19. Number of faces = 5
Number of edges = 9

20. a) Sphere; b) Cube

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