Math GK Questions/ Mathematics Quiz/25 Math GK Questions with Answers

Maths GK Questions/ 25 Math GK Questions with Answers is about the Math General Knowledge Questions that you can study for Quiz Competitions.

Maths GK Questions/Maths General Knowledge
Mathematics Quiz / 25 Math GK Questions with Answers.

  1. Which day is celebrated as International Day of Mathematics?
    Answer: March 14
  2. The value of Pi was first described by ———-
    Answer: Euclid
  3. Who was born on Pi day?
    Answer: Albert Einstein
  4. World Pi day is celebrated on ——-
    Answer: March 14
  5. 1, 1, 2, 4, 7, 13, 24, 44, 81 …………. This series of numbers are called————-?
    Answer: Tribonacci Numbers
  6. How many thousands are there in one crore?
    Answer: 10,000
  7. The value of Pi consists of ——– digits.
    Answer: Infinite
  8. Who declared Ramanujan’s birthday as National Mathematics Day?
    Answer: Man Mohan Singh
  9. How many diagonals can we draw in a quadrilateral?
    Answer: 2
  10. My ones digit is 5, my tens digit 3 more than my ones digit. Who am I?
    Answer: 85
  11. Who discovered zero?
    Answer: Aryabhatta
  12. The number of zeros in 1 trillion is ————-
    Answer: 12
  13. What is the next number in the series 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, ————
    Answer: 36
  14. How many months have 30 days?
    Answer: 4
  15. Abacus was invented by ————-
    Answer: China
  16. I am a number. I have 2 in the ones place. I am less than 30 and greater than 20. Who am I?
    Answer: 22
  17. “I believe in beating computers’. Whose words are these?
    Answer: Shakuntala Devi
  18. Ramanujan Institute of Mathematics was founded in the year————
    Answer: 1950
  19. The sum of the angles of a quadrilateral is ———– degree.
    Answer: 360 degree
  20. Each angle of an equilateral triangle is of —— degree.
    Answer: 60 degree
  21. The probability of an event lies between ——–
    Answer: 0 and 1
  22. The area of study dealing with the presentation, analysis and interpretation of data is ——————
    Answer: Statistics
  23. How many faces are there in the surface of a sphere?
    Answer: One
  24. How many faces does a hemisphere have?
    Answer: Two
  25. Angle in a semicircle is a ——- angle.
    Answer: Right Angle

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