Class 6 Maths Understanding Elementary Shapes Important Questions For Exam


Answer the following: (2 Marks)

1. Write the number of faces and edges of a triangular pyramid?

2. Find the number of right angles turned through by the hour hand of a clock when it goes from:

a) 3 to 9
b) 12 to 9
c) 10 to 4

3. Name the types of following triangle:

a) Triangle with lengths of sides 4 cm, 5 cm and 6 cm.
b) Triangle PQR such that PQ = QR = PR = 7 cm

4. Name the types of following triangle:

a) Triangle ABC with angle A = 90
b) Triangle LMN with angles L = 30, M = 70 and N= 80

5. Find the angle measure between the hands of the clock in each of the following:

a) 9 ‘O Clock
b) 1’ O Clock
C) 7’ o Clock

6. Write the number of edges, faces and vertices of a cuboid.

7. What direction will you face of you start facing:

a) East and make ½ of a revolution, clockwise?
b) East and make ¼ of a revolution, clockwise?

8. Sat true or false?

a) The measure of an acute angle is less than 90 degree.
b) The measure of one complete revolution is 360 degree.

9. Write the number of faces, edges and vertices of a square pyramid?

10. Match the following:

a) Straight angle – Less than one-fourth of a revolution.
b) Right angle – More than half of a revolution
c) Acute angle – Half of a revolution
d) Reflex angle – One- fourth of a revolution.


1. Faces -4
Edges – 6
Corners – 4

2. a) 2
b) 3
c) 2

3. a) Scalene Triangle
b) Equilateral Triangle

4. a) Right angled triangle
b) Acute angled triangle

5. a) 90 degree (Right angle)

b) 30 degree (Acute angle)
c) 180 degree (Obtuse angle)

6. Faces – 6

Edges – 12
Vertices -8

7. a) West

b) South

8. a) True

b) True

9. Faces – 5

Edges – 8
Vertices – 5

10. a)Straight angle – Half of a revolution

b) Right angle – One fourth of a revolution
c) Acute angle – Less than one fourth of a revolution
d) Reflex angle = More than half of a revolution

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