CBSE Class 7 Mathematics/ Sample Paper/ Term II

CBSE Class 7 Mathematics/Sample Paper/Term 2 is about the Model Questions that you can expect for Yearly Examination. Here you can find out practice problems for Class 7 Mathematics. This worksheet is designed for CBSE Class 7 Mathematics students.

CBSE Class 7 Mathematics/Sample Paper/ Term 2
Model Question Paper for Yearly Examination
Max: 40 Marks
Choose the correct answer (1 Mark)

  1. The ratio of 2 kg to 500g is ————
    A. 1:4
    B. 4:1
    C. 2:5
  2. Height and base of a parallelogram is 4 cm and 2 cm. Then its area will be —-
    A. 4 cm
    B. 6 cm
    C. 8 cm
  3. 3xy + 7 is a ————
    A. Monomial
    B. Binomial
    C. Trinomial
  4. Any number raised to the power zero is ————–
    A. 1
    B. 0
    C. the number itself
  5. Triangle ABC is congruent to triangle XYZ. If AB = XY, BC = YZ and AC = XZ, then which congruence criterion used here?
    A. SSS
    B. SAS
    C. ASA
    Answer the following (2 Marks)
  6. Express 1024 as a power of 2
  7. Subtract 3xy + 2y from 8xy – 5y
  8. Evaluate the expression 2x – 3y where x = 2 and y = -2
  9. Find the circumference of a circle of radius 49 cm?
  10. Find the area of a triangle whose base is 9 cm and height is 4cm?
  11. Find the area of a square whose perimeter is 320cm?
  12. Convert given decimals to per cents:
    a) 0.25
    b) 0.75
  13. Find the profit or loss per cent, if a toy bought for Rs 300 and sold for Rs 350?
  14. Find the breadth of a rectangular garden, if its area is 36 square cm and length is 9cm?
  15. Construct an equilateral triangle of side 4.5 cm?
    Answer the following (3 Marks):
  16. Find the height x if the area of the triangle is 36cm and base 2cm?
  17. Rs 7500 is borrowed at 7% rate of interest per annum. Find the interest and the amount to be paid at the end of 3 years?
  18. Construct a triangle PQR, given PQ = 5cm, QR = 6cm and PR = 7 cm
  19. From a circular sheet of radius 5cm, a circle of radius 3 cm is removed. Find:
    a) Area of the larger circle
    b) Area of the smaller circle
    c) Area of the remaining sheet
  20. a) Add 8xy – 2x+3y and 3x + 9y – xy
    b) Subtract 2(2a + 4b) from 4(3a – 8b)

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