Lesson Plan for Class 7 Mathematics/Fractions

Lesson Plan for Class 7 Mathematics/Fractions includes Specific Learning Outcomes, Pedagogical strategies, Values focused, Evaluation and follow up works. This content will help B Ed students and teachers too.

Lesson Plan for Class 7 Mathematics/Fractions

Specific Learning Outcomes:
Students will be able to:
• Recognize parts and wholes from the picture given in the textbook.
• Identify which is greater or lesser
• Recollect the concept of addition and subtraction of fractions
• Knows about multiplication of fractions
• Introduces the term reciprocal
• Studies division of fractions too

Pedagogical Strategies:
• Recalls previous year Math concepts about types of fractions, Addition of fractions and Subtraction of fractions.
• Remember about Equivalent fractions, like and unlike fractions etc.
• Discussion about use of fractions in real life situations
• Identify different types of fractions from the given examples
• Explains the method of multiplication of fractions with examples
• Practices exercise problems from the textbook

Art Integrated Activity/Assignment:
• Representation of fractions on a number line.

Value focussed:
• Small parts are necessary to make a whole

Evaluation & Follow- up works
At the end of the discussion, the student will be able to:

  1. Find ¾ + ½
  2. Compare 4/5 and 7/12
  3. Find 3 x ¼

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