Carts and Wheels – Class 4

Carts and Wheels – Chapter 8

  1. What are the things around you that you can use to trace a circle?
  2. The line segment drawn from the centre to any point on the circle is called –
  3. Lali and Kali are tied to a pole with ropes. Kali has a longer rope. Who can look for more grass to eat?
  4. Line segment drawn from one point to other point on the circle through the centre is known as ——–
  5. Radius of a circle is ——— of diameter.
  6. The diameter divides the circle into two ————
  7. If the diameter of a circle is 10cm, its radius is ———–
  8. If the radius of a circle is 3 cm, find its diameter?
  9. The distance around the circle is called ———–of a circle.
  10. The instrument which is used to draw a circle is ————


  1. Bangles, Coins, Tyre, Plate, Clock …..
  2. Radius
  3. Kali can look for more grass to eat.
  4. Diameter
  5. Half
  6. Equal halves
  7. 5cm
  8. 6 cm
  9. Circumference
  10. Compass.

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