Top 25 GK Questions in Mathematics/Maths GK Questions & Answers

Top 25 GK Questions in Mathematics is about the general knowledge questions that you can expect for Quiz and Competitive examinations.

Maths GK Questions/Top 25 GK Questions in Mathematics

  1. One fathom is equal to ————-
    Answer: 6 feet
  2. The shape of a honey comb cell is ————
    Answer: Hexagon
  3. A regular polygon has all its sides ————–
    Answer: Equal
  4. Pi day is celebrated all around the world on ————-
    Answer: March 14
  5. Who is known as father of Trigonometry?
    Answer: Hipparchus
  6. How many squares are there in a chess board?
    Answer: 204
  7. Which is the prime number closest to 100?
    Answer: 101
  8. A straight line touching a circle is known as ————–
    Answer: Tangent
  9. How many lakhs are there in one crore?
    Answer: 100
  10. The angle whose measure is 180 degree is called ———
    Answer: Straight angle
  11. A fraction with same denominator are called ——-
    Answer: Like fractions
  12. Which is the smallest polygon?
    Answer: Triangle
  13. The number of zeros in one billion is ———
    Answer: Nine
  14. Number of faces in a pyramid is —————
    Answer: 4
  15. The only number that cannot be used as a divisor is ———-
    Answer: Zero
  16. The value of pi is ————–
    Answer: 3.14159
  17. The number system with base 2 is called —————
    Answer: Binary
  18. Roman numeral of 900 is ———–
    Answer: CM
  19. The number which does not have a reciprocal is ————
    Answer: Zero
  20. One trillion contains ————- zeros.
    Answer: 12 zeros
  21. Name of a polygon with 10 sides is ———-
    Answer: Decagon
  22. Which is the smallest perfect number?
    Answer: 6
  23. The smallest two digit perfect square number is ————–
    Answer: 16
  24. The square root of 1 is —————
    Answer: 1
  25. Which is the greatest two digit number which is a perfect square?
    Answer: 81

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